Controlling a Fantom X6 using TJ

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Controlling a Fantom X6 using TJ

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I have an iPad2 w/ os5, with TJ and an iRig (coremidi capable) with the midi in/out connected to a Roland Fantom X6 midi in/out. Is it possible to control the Fantom with TJ? I see the midi out led blinking on the irig but nothing happens on the Fantom. Is TJ capable of sending all the midi messages required to control an external keyboard/synth? If so what are the required settings I need to make in TJ (and Fantom) to make it happen?



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In TJ's Prefs->MIDI Control

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In TJ's Prefs->MIDI Control page you need set Use CoreMidi = ON, and then down in the MIDI Output Connections you should see an entry for the iRig Midi, turn that to ON. That should be all you need to do. Be sure to plug the irig midi into the device before you start TJ, just in case.

You probably also want to turn on Send Pitchbend and ensure that the pitchbend range matches the patch on your synth.

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