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5 notes

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If I play more than 5 notes at the same time, the app crashes......any ideas?
The midi in doesn't work on iOS5.


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Wow, I need a lot more

Post by Jesse »

Wow, I need a lot more information.

First of all, what device? What instrument is loaded? Does the crash happen every time you attempt it? Does rebooting your device help at all? I have not seen or had any reports of this ever occurring before..... on ipod/iphone any more than 5 touches will silence the notes (hardware limitation), and on ipad you can play up to 11 simultaneous.

There are lot of options for the MIDI stuff, what variety are you trying to use, CoreMidi via WiFi, USB midi device via camera connection kit, other interface hardware? In Prefs->MIDI Control, did you turn on Use CoreMidi, and then check down in MIDI Input Connections and turn on anything that shows up there?

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