CC for tremelo and vibrato PLEASE??

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CC for tremelo and vibrato PLEASE??

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Hiya Dev

I’ve been using TJ as a sound module with my Alesis Vortex 2 keytar! I needed good sax and brass sounds and TJ has the best I’ ve heard :)

I’d love to be able to assign the ribbon controller or sustain button to control vibrato and also tremolo on the organ sounds. These are pretty much essential when playing solos but I can’t seem to find the CC’s for these?

On GarageBand the tremolo comes in when I press the sustain button on the vortex and it sounds gorgeous!! I cannot find anything to explain why that happens as the sustain button controls sustain 99% of the time?? Maybe with some trickery you could make this happen on ThumbJam??

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Re: CC for tremelo and vibrato PLEASE??

Post by Jesse »

Right now ThumbJam doesn't have an automatic vibrato or tremolo feature at all... it is only really done with accelerometer gestures, etc. People have requested a traditional LFO based vibrato feature, and maybe one day I'll add it!

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