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Velocity as a touch control

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:05 pm
by phillwilson
Hi again, sorry I am all over the forum, I am just so inspired by thumbjam and obviously it leads me to think "what if"...

I play TJ mounted Landscape in an IO Dock,

this means that, for me, the motion controls are out of the biggie, but

Could you possibly impliment an option to link finger position to volume.

i.e. you play further up (left in portrait) for the loudest velocity and bottom / (right in portrait) for soft reaching zero at the bottom (left most in portrait), I know its a nice system as it is similarly implimented in Animoog if you have played it, and it feels very instinctive...

The Reason I ask is, I am trying to play a slow cello piece on TJ and even altering the decay settings I just can't get the expressivement in how I would like my cellos to fade out during pauses as it is a "non regular" feeling thing based on the musical passage.

I noted I can set trem and vibrato to "finger" but not would be a really big help to the autenticity of a sound I am trying to nail if I could.

thanks a lot in advance


What you are looking for is

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:06 pm
by Jesse
What you are looking for is Volume - X-axis in Edit->Controls. You can set the quietest level with te slider there. It will be louder in the center and quieter to either edge. If you have it turned landscape the vertical center will be loudest and the top and bottom edges softest. You can drag between to do swells.

Hi again Jesse, I had a play

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:54 am
by phillwilson
Hi again Jesse,

I had a play with that but, to be honest it isn't giving me the result I was hoping for. (thats not a crit of your choices, it may work for others, just not in my context).
The volume pull down seems to be a bit too "linear" which leaves only the VERY VERY bottom of the screen for full 0% fades and 9 times out of ten i get a little volume "burst" as it gets near 0% which ruins the authenticity of the instrument. also because it trails off at both sides of the axis, using 0% as the end value means that I only have a very small finger room in the center at full volume which,to my ear, means that if I am using a couple of fingers at once, the volume variances between two given notes in a passage can seem unnatural.

I would suggest as an alternative (if one was ever considered) something like a Logarithmic type taper (I think thats the right one) where thre variances around 100% - 90% volume are much more gentle and spread over a larger portion of the screen, with the final 10% recieving the same treatment with plenty of room at the bottom of the ipad screen for a ) value.

just my 2p



PS, I put a video of the kind of music I make in the music section just so you can see the kind of thing I am working towards.