Various requests....

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Various requests....

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ThumbJam is an awesome app, here are a few things I would love to see that would make this even cooler (there's also the loop editing stuff in the other thread, but these are more performance based)

Overdub (especially ending a recording by going in to overdub) - right now it's hard to make a seamless loop if you're using an instrument with a long release. Being able to end recording by going into overdub means the tails will carry through and the loop will be seamless.

End loop recording with new loop recording - would allow seamless creation of multiple loops. Currently if you want to record two loops you have to record one, wait for the first loop to play through, and begin recording the second loop on the third iteration of the first loop.

Reverse - begin able to reverse a loop would be fantastic. Being able to "flip the tape" and reverse all loops would be better. Being able to do all of this even while it's recording, especially if there's an overdub feature would be incredible.

Filters - LP, BP and HP filters choices, cutoff controllable by accelerometer or finger position.

Undo / Redo.

Make the delete buttons respond to a click and drag gesture, so you can't accidentally hit them (or make that a switchable preference or make an "ask before delete" preference toggle)

Solo button in the mixer. If real estate is a concern, make a toggle between the solo button and the delete button - I personally never use these delete buttons as I know when I finish recording if it's the take I want

Have the loop recordings show waveforms.

Have the loops visible when in the mixer.

The last few requests above are useful when making session recordings…. basic loop sequencing would also be great, but probably outside the scope of this app.

Pinch zoom sizing of the play area - I think this has been implemented?

Note quantize - if the engine is being switched to MIDI recording as I believe it is, this shouldn't be too hard, right? If not, a simple work around would be to have the sample retrigger time capable of being set to note values instead of just just ms.

Loop quantize resolution. Currently it's set at measure boundaries, would be nice if this could be set to other not values for polyrhythmic loops.

Scale editor - I think this has been implemented?

Preset scales to be able to jump to - or even better: set a master scale, then when selecting "chord scales" they transpose to that master key.

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I hear you on most of these

Post by Jesse »

I hear you on most of these items.... some you'll get sooner than later....

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