Saving controls and effects for a set....

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Saving controls and effects for a set....

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I would like to configure some controls like x axis,lfo etc along with effects and save them as a whole for each instrument or for the whole set.
I find that as i try out diffrent instruments, i keep lossing my effects or comtrol settings when i come back to that instrument.
Is there a way that can save everything ( controls, effects, scales ) per instument AND per "set" too?..set is a bunch of instruments in a song unless reset of course.


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I believe there is a bug in

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I believe there is a bug in the current version that prevents some of the Filter parameters saving correctly, but everything else should be saving when you make a preset. Currently, you can only save a preset that applies to an instrument and all the control and effects, not for an entire "song". When you save a Loop Set, it just saves the recorded loops and the key/scale, nothing else about the parameters of the instruments the loops were recorded with.

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