Features of upcoming version 1.4

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Features of upcoming version 1.4

Post by aroth711 »

Wow! This sounds like several dreams coming true at last.. Can't wait for it, you sure know how to push suspense to the limit ;-) One thing I didn't see though: the Global Fine Tune setting (Hz or cent) which was mentioned several times in the forum and which would facilitate jamming along with non-tuneable instruments...

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The list of new features is

Post by dswo »

The list of new features is very, very exciting. I've been playing with Slide Control as a virtual MIDI controller for NLog, but TJ will be even better.

A couple of questions:

1. Will there be some buttons for chords? That was talked about earlier, but I didn't see it mentioned in the list.

2. Could you add vibrato/tremolo to the list of items that can be controlled with the x-axis? On the iPod, I like doing this with the accelerometer, but the iPad is too big for me to shake with one hand.

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Thanks for the reminder about

Post by Jesse »

Thanks for the reminder about the reference tuning setting (which will be there).

As for the chord buttons, not directly, but the new quickswitch buttons can be set by you to several of the "chord" scales and the appropriate keys, so you can use those to switch, while hand playing (or arpeggiating) them on the play surface.

Yes, I'll consider squeezing in x-axis vibrato/trem too.

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Please Jesse, don't forget to

Post by mat »

Please Jesse, don't forget to allow for longer release times (at least 10000ms).

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Thanks, anyone reading this

Post by Jesse »

Thanks, anyone reading this who notices something they want that I didn't mention, please feel free to remind me again here! I'm serious....

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I'm excited to hear this is

Post by caseyjamesbasichis »

I'm excited to hear this is coming along.

I download every semi decent iApp that comes out, but they are all still a distant second to Thumbjam.

The midi file output is what has me drooling. The other bits like retrospective record I'm guessing are not part of this release.

One thing that would be a useful refinement would be to clean up the file naming scheme for audio loop and midi file export.

Currently the numbering of the loops count up, but not consistently, sometimes a loop will be named with a very low number if another earlier loops was deleted. This makes it difficult to determine the chronology of the loops (usually the last few loops of a loop set are the ones I'm interested in)

Ideally the files should have a better naming scheme. I would like to see, in order of importance, chronology, scale and key, instrument name. Long names for any of these could be cropped.

so as an example


That said, I'm just excited about getting midi out and would forego what ever else for those sweet meats.

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Jesse, A-MAZING. Simply

Post by marlow77 »


A-MAZING. Simply Amazing. Really excited to try out the new features! You even put in virtual midi and audio-to-midi... Unbelievably awesome and useful.

I can't think of anything to add that hasn't already been added.

1) Can you tell us when you think it will be released??

Thumbjam is my favorite,


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SiXis, just so I understand

Post by Jesse »

SiXis, just so I understand your request, do you mean recording any key/scale changes that might occur during recording of a loop, and then auto-changing them (optionally) as the loop(s) are played back?

Here are some screenshots of the new look, it isn't too drastic of a change, just a polishing really. If some of you prefer the old mottled plasma background of the iphone version or the flat gray of the ipad background, let me know and I might put in some options to switch the background. I likely won't bother with the old buttons though.

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Ok. gotta jump in here… On a

Post by Howard »

Ok. gotta jump in here…

On a quick first read, the new features are going to be mind-boggling and I know I’ll be able to say “well worth the wait...”

Something CRUCIAL for me… I may have missed it, but is there a to save loop on/off & volume changes?

Without it, I find there’s a one-dimensional sound to the repeating loop sets after a short listen. A way around this, longer loops, uses a lot of memory and challenges accuracy. Of the features I’ve requested, a way to arrange... to create whole songs, in TJ is by far, above all.

In thanks.

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I hear you regarding the loop

Post by Jesse »

I hear you regarding the loop arranging / song building. However, that really needs to be well thought out in order to keep it simple (eg, not try to turn TJ into a DAW/sequencer) but useful. The current version has been gestating far too long already, and really needs to get out there. Focus will definitely turn to some form of loop arrangement/grouping for the next iteration.

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