USB midi?

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USB midi?

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This is an absolutely fab app, almost beats a kaossilator pro in terms of playability and features, and I am only saying almost because I recently bought one and now wish I hadn't.

I am struggling to get the midi set up though, and wonder if there are any plans to create a USB midi connection for a standard midi driver, perhaps using camera conncetion kit or some such, as an alternative to wireless?

In the meantime I shall struggle on to get the wireless to work...
Awesome app, love the scales.


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Yes, as mentioned in other

Post by Jesse »

Yes, as mentioned in other posts the next feature release has all kinds of extra hardware midi support enabled. CoreMidi (wifi or wired with camera connection kit), Line6 MidiMobilizer, and the Akai Synthstation25. Both input and output will be supported for using TJ as a controller, or playing it via midi.

As for you current struggles, what computer OS?

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Jesse, Is the CoreMidi input

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Is the CoreMidi input work close to a release date yet? Would appreciate playing loops in via my digital piano MIDI connection...

And for the future - any chance of storing the performance data, perhaps into a buffer which could be replayed with any chosen instrument (with a future option to save & load performance loops to reuse with different instruments when rendering the audio loops). I illustrate this approach in that it may be a simpler 'bolt on' than altering the basis of TJ working with audio loops... store the performance data of the touch screen / midi events in a 'replay' buffer with the option to re-render the loop with different instrument parameters...

And I was going to mention Soundfont files as an instrument source, but it's been mentioned already... ;-)


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