A Guitar Neck made of half a dozen IPhone Screens

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A Guitar Neck made of half a dozen IPhone Screens

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Jessie, I wish some innovative company would collaborate with you to make a bigger input area. Are you familiar with wwww.ejamming.com ? They are this tiny one Guy one Gal innovative site, making almost no money, but have this great real time international jam area. (Skype for musicians), but with no lag. They have some minor collaboration with Fender.

I think your App is the best music tool I've seen in computing so far and I started playing with Basica 'Sound 6,440' commands, in 1980. It is a real shame that Schools have not picked up on what you created. Maybe you should be contacting the Departments of Education in Scandinavia, somewhere that appreciates innovative self teaching tools. I speak Danish (married one), so I could find you some addresses if you want to try and market there. Really appreciate what you have created, you actually replaced Ray Kurzweil as my hero.

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Wow, thanks for your kind

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Wow, thanks for your kind words!

I hadn't seen ejamming.com, looks pretty interesting... I wonder how they pulled off the low-latency.

As for the education market, I am actually in the process of making a spin-off targeted directly there, in collaboration with a retired band director, we'll see what happens.....

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