Bigger 'Finish Recording' button

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Bigger 'Finish Recording' button

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Jesse - I have trouble with the small size of the Finish Recording button in the upper right corner. Seems when recording a loop, especially a complex or fast drum loop, it's sometimes very difficult to hit the small target in tempo. I usually end up with multiple failed attempts due to missing the "sweet spot". A larger stop button - maybe even a wide top stop bar - would be a welcome improvement. Or maybe multiple stop button areas around the pad - so if ending a loop at the bottom area of the Play Area you don't have to try to jump all the way up to the top corner to stop recording. Thx.

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Having the same kind of issue

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Having the same kind of issue recording guitar... until I remembered the fixed loop length option (in the settings under the metronome). Use the metronome, or a simpler drum loop to set the initial length & tempo... Just a thought.


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