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Midi (or similar) data

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Midi (or similar) data coupled with the audio loops is probably the most likely candidate of those for implementation. That is pretty much the direction it will end up going, and it will be a lot more interesting than just loading it back into your computer, if all goes well :)

The video thing might be possible on an iPad.... I'll leave that one stewing for a while.

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Hi, I'd rather keep things as

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I'd rather keep things as they are visually speaking as far as the playing interface is concerned. Maybe two things though: user selectable colors (make your own custom pukey rainbow! That would be a nice marketing slogan!) so that stage/home use wouldn't compromise each other and personnal tastes (whatever ugly to others) satisfied. Second, an option to not display recorded track: note and x-axis volume precision would gain (especially when using wide spans), maybe in the loop menu area, a toggle could be present when the loops are hidden. Oups, I forgot one, so third: display each loop in the mixer screen: not knowing at which point is a loop when wanting to turn it on again is somewhat dangerous with long loops. While not really knowing what part will come when unmuting is from time to time offering an unexpected wonder, it's just kind of not what you would have wanted most of the time...



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Jesse, I just got around to

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I just got around to play around with TJ for an hour. And what can I say? It sounds really impressive and is indeed very fun to play.

So, congratulations. You probably had a limited development time and money, and you have allocated it well.

The question is, what are you going to improve next? Take a look at . The artistry and taste put into countless apps is truly staggering. I bet if you improved your UI to this level, your sales would at least triple.

And if you plan to keep your strange color scheme that mixes really badly with the standard iPhone, I bet some competitor will come along, offering both the sound and the looks. And he will eat your lunch.

Good luck,

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Terence, I'm glad you got to

Post by Jesse »

Terence, I'm glad you got to try it. Even after playing it do you still hesitate from buying it because of its looks?

I will likely focus most of my limited available development time on the stuff that really matters in a serious music app. I will gladly take suggestions that might improve the interface that make sense for the app, not just for the sake of "beautification".

If I really wanted to increase sales I would release a free or 99 cent lite version to give the masses a taste, and I certainly will do that at some future point.

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Hi Jesse, well even after I

Post by Terence »

Hi Jesse,

well even after I played around with it, I wouldn't buy it because of its looks.

I think you should talk to Sebastiaan de With. Let him redesign the main screen and the "edit sample" screen (which is particularly bad, imho). Tell him to design custom controls, and not touch the functionality or density of elements on a single page. Give him a day (or 4 hours if your budget is really tight). I'm sure he will come up with mockups that will wow and inspire you and everybody else.

Here's where you can reach him:

All the best,

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Terence, I can't believe what

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Terence, I can't believe what I read.

You finally checked out Thumbjam, but still will not buy it because of it's looks??

Seems to me that you're really not that much into music making.
Thumbjam is an amazing app. And being sold for such a cheap price I find your statement pretty remarkable.

Well, it's your loss anyway :-)

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Thumbtrond: At home, I've got

Post by Terence »

Thumbtrond: At home, I've got my real instruments. But on the go - you know, life is too short to look at ugly things.

Anyway, NanoStudio has arrived. After playing around with the mac demo, I bought it.

According to Appshopper, it's already selling way better than TJ: - best rank: 70 - best rank: 17
...and, might I add, at 2.5 times the price.

Yes they have different features, yes NS has a newness bonus, but both app appeal to the same crowd.

Anyway, good luck with the app!

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Got to jump in here... First

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Got to jump in here...
First off - I'm an architect, guitar player, and new TJ user. I purchased the program for what it DOES (which is amazing) and not for how it looks. But as a designer having dabbled in graphic design, I agree looks DO matter. And I have no problem with TJ's aesthetic concept and graphic interface.
Personally, I find TJ's "look" to be refreshing. For me, its understated simplicity sets it apart from the "digi-bling" of many popular, but ultimately, disappointing apps. No flash, all substance. Real musicians and casual music creators WILL buy this program - because it does what it promises ...and does it very well.
Judge not on sales numbers and ratings charts alone...look what happen to Toyota!

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Hi Jesse- I've been playing

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Hi Jesse-

I've been playing with TJ like nuts since getting it. It's AMAZING. I can't put it down.

Anyway, I would honestly love to take a stab at tweaking some of the art. While I certainly don't agree with the original poster's really negative sentiments, I think that some of the art could be tightened up here and there. 8-) I've got some ideas already. Like the poster above says, looks do count a bit.

I'd be happy to give it a shot and if you like what you see, you can use it, if not, no big. I'd just like to see TJ succeed so you can keep adding sweet features to it. And part of that is a sweet interface and icon and all that. (plus I've been dying to try my hand at iApp art development)

I'm designer and 3D artist with lots of, what have you got to lose? You should be able to get my email address from the forum here and we can talk.

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Ok, had to chime in. Not sure

Post by Turner »

Ok, had to chime in. Not sure if a pun is intended there.

Anyway, new user - watched a few vids on Youtube, bought it. Sounds are GREAT! Also love the scales... everything sounds good.

Strings are particularly impressive! Keep it coming!

Onto design. I'm yet another professional designer chiming in... been doing graphic design for about 19 years now. My take:

1) I really like the color differentiation in the "keys" - so much so that I would like to:
a) make them brighter sometimes (maybe by user settings?) (Please oh please let us make user skins to submit)
b) create custom spacings

2) The "corner controls"... uh... well, I'd like to see all four up one edge.. some real estate is lost by using corners. Would LOVE to see buttons (maybe even customizable) for common things - instruments, show/hide key controls, etc.

3) You know how the percussion stuff is laid out in a big grid? Would love same type of thing for all instruments if a user wants - and again, some options - of the playing surface. Hexagons are nice ;) It's pretty intuitive, but the experimentation gets really cool and I think being able to lay out keys differently once in a while would lead to some interesting results.

4) For that matter, I wouldn't hate piano keys. :)

Last - this isn't a design thing, but volume control via left/right side of screen is needed!

Ok, that wasn't really last. But this is: Saw you were considering an arpeggiator. YES PLEASE!!

GREAT WORK HERE. An inspiring product in a sea full of use-and-delete alternatives. Thanks.


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