Possible way to add sharps and flats

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Stephen Mugglin
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Possible way to add sharps and flats

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First, wonderful app. I played the ThumbJam cello live at a coffeehouse as part of a guitar/vocal/"cello" trio. People were quite surprised.

My request is regarding sharps and flats. When I was playing the ThumbJam cello, the song was in a minor key, and there was one chord in the song where it would have been helpful to have the ability to play one of the notes a half step higher.

One other post mentioned the possibility of a "sharp button." In my case (because I was holding the iPod in my left hand, using my left thumb and right index finger to play the various notes, and I was not using any left to right panning) it would have been nice to have the right-most half inch of the screen be one half-step higher, so that any note could be raised a half-step just by moving across to the right of the screen. Then if two notes were playing, either one could be raised without the other being affected.

Do you think there might be a possibility for an optional screen display (the one I described being one example), so that individual notes (or individual notes in a chord) could be sharped or flatted without affecting the other notes?

Thank you again for the great app and the wonderful sound it makes. You turned my iPod into a performing instrument.

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On other post someone

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On other post someone suggested a split-screen feature which I was planning on implementing that would solve your problem. The split could either segment the range of the instrument make large ranges more playable, or contain an entirely separate key/scale on each side. The latter would allow you to shift the key up a half step and get what you need.

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