Recent note highlight and dim

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Recent note highlight and dim

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Hi Mr,

Here is an idea for a display option where recent keys would be highlighted after they are played dimming back down to normal over few seconds (the duration could be set automatically, with a lag, based on how dense the material is and the tempo)

This would be useful in visualizing arbitrary voice leading and harmony especially when playing arps and angular parts.

If the key is switched and the note isn't in the new key, the line in between the notes could highlight in its place.

Once Thumbjam starts storing the pattern info any looping parts could be set to contribute to the display as well. In this last case I imagine the visualization is reversed so as the note approaches -- it would dim up, maybe as a vertical line at the left edge of the note that expands as a bar reaching the right edge of the note when it sounds and fades away.

The highlighting could be subtle. This would make arranging transpositions of parts in long loops a much easier task. For a forty second one off improv, it is difficult to double parts without a visual cue.

I'm loving 1.2.1 btw -- 30 cues this week so far -- I'm spending all day in the park composing under trees. Thumbjam causes sun burns.

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