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pitch bend persistence

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:46 am
by thecody
First off, I love ThumbJam! It's all kinds of fun! Thank you!

The pitch bend defaults back to zero when a note changes. What about an option to leave the pitch bend on, until the finger is lifted?

If I'm on C, and bend up to D. Then, I slide my thumb to D; D is the note that plays, rather than E.

Could you add an option that allows for the pitch bend to remain persistent, until the finger is lifted?

Something like: Play C, bend up to D. Slide up to the D note, but E plays (because the 2 semi-tone bend is still active). Let go of the note and play the D note again; this time the D is playing.

This would not be good for all uses, so an option for turning it on or off would be awesome!

Yeah, I can do that. During

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:36 am
by Jesse
Yeah, I can do that. During development I discovered that doing it the current way tends to make it easier to be musical because it is hard to get your hand back in the exact on pitch position.... so instead that position is reset on note changes. But I can see the value of doing it your way, which would act more like a synth's pitch bend.

You'll have also probably noted that the pitch bend only affects the last note played, instead of all touches... want an option for that too?

I can totally see how the

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:12 am
by thecody
I can totally see how the current setup makes it easier to be musical. There's just been a few times (while playing with the guitar or saw) that I thought a persistent pitch bend would be useful and fun. It's sort of a special effect kind of thing (like playing guitar, hammering and pulling off, while moving the whammy bar).

I guess adding a bit of a dead zone to make it a little easier to get back to pitch would work? I'm not sure how the api for the tilt works; but, say, maybe 5 degrees of dead zone? It's be like some of the pitch bend wheels I've used. Some have minor dead zones, some have no dead zone.

I like the last note being the only one with the pitch bend. I'm mainly a guitarist, so the idea of double note bends ... I'll split that between two guitars (especially as artificial harmonics)! Personally, I think it's way more useful to only have the bend on the last note.