Transpose feature?

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Transpose feature?

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Hi, loving the app. I use it just about every day, it's very therapeutic to play around with different scales and loops. I was wondering if you would consider adding a transpose feature that would allow the user to shift the loops already recorded up or down by key. This way, since the program doesn't have a sequencer, you could still create more of a rudimentary song by changing keys throughout.

Forgive me if I'm completely off in the musical jargon, I've never studied music theory (just played clarinet in high school), and this app has allowed me to make professional sounding jams. I'm chomping at the bit to play around with any new updates (not to mention iPad support).

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The problem with changing the

Post by Jesse »

The problem with changing the pitch of audio loops without changing the speed is that it takes a fair bit of processing power. I don't have enough to spare at least on the iphone/touch... the iPad might be a different story.

Other solutions to the problem might be presented in future versions.. including multiple "parts" for the looping, where you can have an A, B, or C group of loops that you build up, then just hitting a button to switch back and forth to the other parts.

Of course a sequencer isn't out of the question for the future either, especially for the iPad.

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Jesse, Having multiple

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Having multiple "parts" available is basically what I was asking for in my earlier post about "scenes".

The way I envision it, each part could have a different insrtrument cued up for soloing over the loops on that part. Like the OP in this thread, I'm looking for a way to easily play through a song as the chords change. It would be great if a part/scene would let you save the octave range/span on the instrument that is loaded up also. That way you're all set to play as soon as you call up a saved part.

And of course if the loops and samples in a part could be pre loaded so there's no lag time when you call them up, that would be even more conducive to playing live and jamming with others. I'm not asking for much, eh?

BTW, really having fun with the new features. ThumbJam (and you) ROCKS! I like the name too.

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