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Xewton is a very impressive

Post by Jesse »

Xewton is a very impressive piece of software. But it just seems to lack soul in the instruments and playability features... which is fine since it is a really nice sequencer. The one-app-at-a-time iPhone/touch policy is the thing that is really killing a lot of good things in the music app world. Realistically, it just isn't feasible for every app to have everything, nor is it realistic that random developers actually merge work together into one app, the complications of the business sides of things make that impractical at the very least.

The copy/paste thing is all we have at the moment, but it really isn't as satisfying as being able to perform with an instrument app you like and immediately have it recorded/sequenced the way you want it like you can on a PC/Mac with plugin architectures or things like JACK.

I doubt this problem will be addressed on the iPad either....

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Jesse, In one update you gave

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In one update you gave us FREE downloadable loops and new instruments not to mention numerous other improvements. Thanks much for that, and for working with JR to get a few new samples.

I see your forums have become a bit busier since your app hit the top charts. Saw that one coming!

I will say one thing about your extra instruments for sale in app however. I myself would love to buy more instruments as soon as they are out. BUT every single app Ive ever read about on the app store that said something about in-app-purchases I've immediatly rejected and because of that they lost my sale and others sales who are like minded. Knowing the quality of your app I would gladly pay for more instruments but other people don't know if your going to start upping prices for new insruments as time goes on and they won't know that this apps a rediculous bargain at 6 dollars and shows your attempt to try to give everyone an affordable price.

Just a thought!

Once again. THIS APP OWNS.

Before the touch if it was a computer program I could see it easily being 125 on a touch screen. SIX dollars?are you kidding me? Amazing deal. And multiple people have said they are getting an iPad just for this app. Sounds rediculous right? Absolutely not, Im one of those people that would and probably will get one in large part just for this app. That should tell you the quality of the program you've developed here. He'll everyone registering to put in a request always starts of with THANK YOU SO MUCH, hahaha. Excellent job.

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Jesse, I'm VP of Software

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I'm VP of Software Development for a company, been working at this level for about 16 years. I design and my team builds applications for banks, insurance companies, stock brokerages etc. My products have sold about $100M through the years. I mention this not to boast but to establish credibility with respect to software revenue generation.

If I were in your development chair, I would indeed release a no charge version of the app. It's a very compelling marketing tool; obviously the idea is to get people so excited they decide to shell out the $ for the full blown app. I'd suggest your full blown app be about $10, but you eventually offer new instrument samples, or additional loops or other content for additional revenue. There should always be a solid baseline at $10 though- functionally equivalent to today's offering.

Again, if it were me, the demo version would be based on the same codebase- i.e. make changes so small the release could be done in a few days. Perhaps offer the full app but put a 30 second limit on recordings. Include predefined loop sets for background (e.g. drums,bass,sax) and let the end user wail on the guitar. The idea is to get them up and running with the maximum experience while requiring the least work. You want an end user to download the app (many more will do this if it's free), and perhaps it's preloaded with a loop set and the instrument is default set to guitar with the right scale and effects. If someone can get the app, launch it, and in 10 seconds be lead guitar for a tight band you'll see a very good conversion rate. Also important: in the demo version, you should have a sales pitch. A scrolling text box somewhere which briefly describes instructions for your app, but also answers the question "What do I get in the Pro version?" Be sure to have an "Upgrade Now" button in that part of the UI- one click upgrade = highest conversion rate.

I hope you make a million bucks and keep releasing new revs of this fun and awe inspring app!

BTW, I've read the thread on this other topic, but I'll mention it here anyway. I've decided Beatmaker isn't powerful enough for me, so I've purchased SONY ACID for mixing. My most desired feature from TJ: play an instrument and it records directly into a track on the PC. It appears there is a wifi way to do it. That would completely eliminate the overhead of moving audio between devices. I could just lay down track after track, all day long.


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I agree about Dopplerpad.

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I agree about Dopplerpad. The synth section is practically worthless because the filter is junk and it has a LINEAR (!) frequency control. You're limited to sine, triangle, or ear-scraping harshness. The UI is pretty tough too. I too bought it just because it supports copy/paste, and that's all I like about it.

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Jesse, Agree with the price

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Agree with the price point and in-app purchase ideas. I consistently find myself wanting to give something more to you for such a great idea and it's execution---not to mention listening to your consumers. In-app purchases would enable us to do that. Either that or a paypal donation button on your site. Thanks again and looking forward to the update...

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