Session save prompt

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Session save prompt

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Last night I recorded a really nice session jam. The problem is I forgot to save it. It's not intuitive to hit 'session record' and then have to think about saving. I was upset to turn on the app this morning and find my session was not there. It would be helpful to have a promp pop up that reminds you to save what you just recorded before exiting the program and losing it all. Or better still, an auto save. When you see 'session record' this already means your session was recorded and is now in the sessions folder. If I don't like it, I can always delete it later manually.

What is the loop section for? I never see anything go in there.

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In order to do what you

Post by Jesse »

In order to do what you wanted, I would have to be recording everything all the time, which would totally eat up your storage space, not to mention resources and battery. So, it will only record when you first turn on session recording, and the file will then show up when you turn off session record.

Now if you mean you built up a nice set of loops, and didn't save them as a loop set before you quit, then yes I agree that it should keep them around and I will put that feature in.

The "Loops" section of the load/save screen shows any external loops you've uploaded to the device via the wifi web interface. That way you can put any cool drum loops from your computer on there and load them up to start with, etc.

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