Awesome update! Thanks!

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Awesome update! Thanks!

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Thanks very much for listening to everyone's requests and incorporating what you could into the latest update. I'm especially excited about different color notes (just like a harp!), the option for the scale numbers instead of note names and the increased visibility of those notes or numbers on the right hand side of the display. This makes the app much more useable for live performance.

I haven't delved too much into the other added features, but it all looks good. Thanks for listening.


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Definitely! Been waiting

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Definitely! Been waiting anxiously and am so glad it's here! I've tried most of the new features and like them alot! The new sounds are great too.

One minor update bug that only affects people who created their own instrument packs before the update:

Your created instrument will still be shown in the list but the sound will not be present. You will need to re-upload it from your computer and then go to create instrument in Thumbjam and re-create it (save it as the same name you had before)

This will fix an otherwise dead and un-removable instrument from the default instrument list. It will also show up in the user instrument list as well (both places will load it now)

If you previously installed the Tanpura instrument Jesse used as an example you'll need to re-install that too. (which can easily be done with the new download samples feature- nice!)

At least that's what I had to do to remedy this.

The additional two colors on the notes are so helpful! Also, I noticed the pre-recorded loop sets load much quicker!

Now I need to get a microphone for my iPod so I can sample new instruments anywhere I go! It will be so much fun! Anyone have a good iPod mic recommendation? I've seen the Blue Mikey online, anyone use that or have another one that sounds great?

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Ah, thanks for pointing that

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Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I did move where uploaded loops are stored, and it no longer looks in the old location for the samples.

Interesting about the loops loading quicker, I didn't do anything to speed that up as they always were pretty fast. I did fix some bugs related to when the GUI updates though.

Another warning, if anyone saved presets that used the delay effect, you'll need to revisit the level and feedback, as there was a change in how the values are interpreted and you'll have more delay level than before.

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Hot diggity dawg! This update

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Hot diggity dawg! This update is happy! So far, I am loving the JR Smooth Steel instrument. Dreamy! And I am really enjoying the Quantized Start in the loop section - it is making it so much easier to create song ideas with loops. Any problematic bugs I had encountered seem to be squashed. And I am loving ThumbJam more than ever! Thanks, Jesse, for listening to your users and working so hard to make this outstanding app.

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