Request for Chords Functionality

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Request for Chords Functionality

Post by Jesse »

I'm starting this thread to collect all the user ideas for how you would like to see an interface for easily playing chords in ThumbJam. There are lots of ideas in other existing apps, but I want to get a taste of your opinions on the matter!

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Yes, chords are something

Post by dswo »

Yes, chords are something I've wanted for a long time. Another thing that I think would be popular is a landscape orientation. This would probably be more useful on the iPad than the iPhone.

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I would love this feature.

Post by noisyninja »

I would love this feature. Would be handy as a split screen type option so we can still play notes and also on a separate screen with big buttons like the percussion instruments

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Landscape (for iPad) is next

Post by Jesse »

Landscape (for iPad) is next on the list, worry not! There will be an orientation lock option, so that those of you who make copious use of the accelerometer won't get burned. I'll add upside down for iPhone/iPod, but not landscape, it hurts the popup lists and option panels too much.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand....... :)

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quick random notes before I

Post by apinkelefant »

quick random notes before I forget :-)

I am guessing there are 2 different options :
settings/build time panel :
Maybe chords can be given the same treatment as scales with custom chord structures, remove chords from the play area etc
BuilderBuildYourChord : hits the notes and just save them together as a chord with user provided name.

A Performance panel : this can be a sliding overlay panel on the left with the chord scroller..just a rolling list of pre-selected chords that can go up and down. You can tap to play once and double tap to hold the chord.
maybe chords can have their on ADSR based on velocity of tap
some more random ideas ...
intelliChords :-) : take the current note and come up with a chord based on the scale

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"I would like to see a single

Post by Jesse »

"I would like to see a single button that hides all of the options. I have a toddler who loves to play it, but too many other buttons to hit besides the notes."

Have you tried hiding the sidebar (Prefs->Show Sidebar), and then hiding the menus with Edit->Hide Menus? It leaves just a single small button in the corner that has to be double-tapped to bring the menu buttons back. Probably still too easy for a tapping toddler.

If you have an iPad and iOS6 you can try the new "Guided Access" feature to lock it down. Check out the walkthrough here:

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I suggest to use the split

Post by Yorizen »

I suggest to use the split mode of screen display ( as if you use two assigned instruments in normal play mode )
The left part should be the chords pads EITHER directly memorized from the choice of notes selected on the right part of the screen and matching the used scale OR programmed from an outside edit mode, using a list of conventionnal chords ( which could be re-edited for notes velocity and different ways of playing including arpeggio/sequenced mode). One important thing : this chord area should get a scroll function in order to see the selected chords-keys displayed in a similar mode as Garage Band chords of smart keyboard/guitar BUT in landscape display. I will draw it for better understanding !!! ( the splitted parts of the screen could be inverted for left-handed people so they can play chords with right hand and melody with left one , I think they will be glad with it).

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Wow, chords in TJ. That would

Post by J.C »

Wow, chords in TJ. That would be great!

Some good suggestions here. Would be nice to select a note in the play area and then TJ would give us chords suggestions according to the used scale. Chords would beplayed from pads. I like the idea of the split screen, especially in landscape mode, with one side for solos and the other side for chords.

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Yes, please. An interface for

Post by leegrosbauer »

Yes, please. An interface for easily playing chords would be delightful.

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Just a thought... A

Post by Howard »

Just a thought...

A pre-selected number of chords could be listed along the X-axis of each note.
This way, playability remains, and one can play each chord as they play notes.
An option to quickly turn on/off, possibly in the sidebar (holding the sharp/flat button?)

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